What can belly dance do for me?

Belly Dance, works every inch of the body, head to toe with much emphasis placed on inner core muscle development, flexibility and isolations. After an initial "period of awakening", you will begin to feel the magical process start. Body tone, fitness, co ordination and posture will improve. The more your body does the more you want to challenge it. Confidence soars as you start to do things you once thought impossible. As you shimmy and undulate to mystical rhythms, you will be amazed at how liberated and totally in tune you are with yourself.

Belly Dance simply unlocks that Goddess we all have within!!

Who can do it?

Belly Dance is for any shape or size. Anyone aged 9 and older is welcome to join the Studio of Belly Dance

If you think you have two left feet, this is definitely going to help fix that. 

The only things you need are a sense of humour, patients with yourself and a will to learn.


What can I expect to learn in a Beginner class?

This is the Period of awakening!!

Beginner level lasts between 6 - 8 months, depending on the individual.

We start the class with a general warm up then move on to the all important technique building excercises. Simple combinations are introduced after a couple of weeks then comes dance choreography. 


What do I wear?

Comfy gym pants & crop top or leotard.
Shoes: bare feet or Grecian sandal.
Shimmy Belts: can be purchased in studio.



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